System Noise Temperature, Noise Figure, G/T calculation tool

Description :
This simple calculation tool computes the System Noise Temperature and Noise Figure including the G/T of the earth station. All the values required here are from the given system specifications.

How to use ?
Enter all the values required on the left side of the table. Click on "Compute" to view results on the right column of the table. To compute for another set of values, just click on the "Clear" button. To correct any entered values after "Compute", just edit the mis-typed values and click "Compute" again.

Required Information Computed Values
Earth Station Specifics: System Temperature:
Antenna Gain [dB] 
Antenna Temperature [ K ] 
System Noise Temperature:

System Noise Figure:

Waveguide Loss [dB] 
LNA Noise Figure [dB] 
LNA Gain [dB] 
LNA-to-Amplifier Cable (1) Loss [dB] 
Amplifier-to-Rx Cable (2) Loss [dB] 
Amplifier Noise Figure [dB] 
Amplifier Gain [dB] 
Receiver Noise Figure [dB] 

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